Overbearing Jenna Bush Hager finally transitions 4-year-old son from crib to bed after backlash

Jenna Bramble Hager's 4-year-old child, Hal, is at last prepared for a "major kid bed."

Bramble Hager uncovered on Thursday's episode of "Today with Hoda and Jenna" that the preschooler told her significant other, Henry Hager, that he was prepared to discard his den while she was isolated in her room with Coronavirus.

"I was driven away into my room, observing all that was on TV," Shrubbery Hager made sense of, kidding that Hal was "free" to act naturally while she was wiped out.

"So Henry heard him say, 'Daddy! Daddy!' and he went in and he said, 'I'm prepared,'" she reviewed. "Also, Henry said, 'You're prepared for what?' and he said, 'I really want to move into my huge kid bed!'"

Overbearing' Jenna Bush Hager finally transitions 4-year-old son from crib  to bed after backlash

In spite of the fact that Hal has been in his bunk "since birth," Shrubbery Hager put an ordinary bed in the room quite a while back in trusts her most youthful would at long last come around to it.

Be that as it may, everything occurred without his mom's assistance," the 42-year-old kidded. "What's more, that drives me to contemplate whether I'm excessively domineering."

Hoda Kotb, who is the mother of two young ladies, concurred that occasionally it's not until guardians are "good and gone" that kids at last choose to roll out enormous improvements.

"We think no progressions will occur without our asking or cheering or direction," Kotb ringed in.

Bramble Hager originally uncovered that Hal was all the while resting in a bunk in October, which she presently guaranteed prompted a ton of mother "disgracing."

Jenna Bush Hager

Because of the analysis, Hedge Hager attempted to persuade Hal to move out of his bunk last year, however it turned out poorly.

"I said, 'alright, Hal, I believe now is the right time. A few companions have said now is the ideal time to move,'" she made sense of Thursday. "What's more, he said he was not prepared. He was terrified."

While it muddled drove Hal to do the switch, Shrubbery Hager recently let watchers know that her most youthful wouldn't update his resting plans.

"I said, 'Do you want to, perhaps we should attempt to discuss moving you one week from now to your bed,' and he said 'not this Christmas but rather next Christmas,'" the mother of three said live in October.

"He needs to be the main kindergartner in his bunk. In any case, whatever floats their boat," she kidded.

The "Adoration Starts things out" creator additionally has two little girls: Margaret "Mila" Laura, 10, and Poppy Louise, 8.

Albeit Bramble Hager would have been available to having a fourth, her significant other rushed to crush the thought.

She and Henry initially began dating in 2004 while the last option was working for her dad, previous President George W. Hedge.

Jenna Bush Hager's daughter invited class on Air Force One

Hedge Hager recently shared that she knew "Henry was the one" pretty from the get-go and gave him a "manipulative final offer" years before they got ready for marriage.

The columnist uncovered in February 2023 that she took steps to "move to Latin America" except if the finance manager consented to see about tying the knot.

Yet, rather than giving her a ring, Henry took her out to a decent café and told her that he would hang tight for her after she was finished voyaging.

In spite of the fact that he didn't succumb to her final offer, the pair remained together and Henry wound up proposing in 2007. They secured the bunch one year after the fact.