Ian Somerhalder has no regrets about ditching Hollywood for farm life: I dont miss any of it

Ian Somerhalder regrets absolutely nothing about trading the allure and fabulousness of Hollywood for run of the mill ranch life.

The "Vampire Journals" alum, 45, uncovered that he and his significant other, entertainer Nikki Reed, got together their things and moved to a ranch right beyond Los Angeles with their two kids.

"I cherished how I helped a truly prolonged stretch of time," Somerhalder told E! Insight about his choice to pull back from acting. "I don't miss any of it. I love making movies, and I just did it for such a long time. We had an astonishing run."

Talking at Thursday's Los Angeles debut of "Shared view" — a narrative that spotlights on the requirement for supportable and eco-accommodating cultivating — Reed shared some understanding into what life on the ranch is like.

"At the point when you see the way that nature works, you track down sympathy," the "Nightfall" entertainer, 35, told the power source.

Ian Somerhalder pictured holding a chicken.

"It's something delightful to see what's going on with youngsters, to watch them take part in the developing of their food and the comprehension of what food is and where it comes from."

The climate themed narrative fills in as a development to the 2020 narrative "Kiss the Ground."

"I began drawing an obvious conclusion regarding how you help the planet and how you help yourself. It's a development and a long lasting pursuit," Reed told the power source.

Both Somerhalder and Reed act as leader makers on the new task.

Ian Somerhalder has no regrets about ditching Hollywood for farm life: 'I don't  miss any of it'

The couple, who started dating in 2014 and secured the bunch the next year, are guardians to girl Bodhi Soleil, 6, and a child, whose birth they reported in June.

While he generally will in general keep his own life hidden, Somerhalder addressed E! News in November about his new way of life, which he concedes takes "a great deal of work."

"It's inconceivable when you see these astounding animal daily routine structures and how they all experience on the ranch together is truly unique," he told the power source.

Ian Somerhalder pictured with his farm animals.

"We're ranch individuals, we produce the majority of our own food," he added. "I live in my cowpoke boots."

The "Lost" entertainer, who quit Hollywood in 2019, portrayed his new life as a ranch supervisor as "our 2.0 variant."