Oprah Pays Tribute to Her Former Makeup Artist Reggie Wells: You Made Every Face You Touched Feel More Beautiful

Find happiness in the hereafter realizing you gave a great deal of pleasure thus much chuckling," Winfrey wrote in an Instagram recognition

Oprah Winfrey is honoring Reggie Wells, her previous cosmetics craftsman of 30 years who passed on at 76 years old on Jan. 8.

Oprah Pays Tribute to Her Former Makeup Artist Reggie Wells

On Thursday, Winfrey regarded Wells with a sincere Instagram photograph of both of them on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She likewise wrote an extended inscription.

"Dear Reggie," she started. "Find happiness in the hereafter realizing you gave a great deal of pleasure thus much chuckling. You caused each face you contacted to feel more lovely. I envision you're holding court with St. Peter, Gabriel, and all the genuine Marys — carrying a ton of humor to Paradise."

Wells passed on in his old neighborhood Baltimore after a "long sickness," as per the Baltimore Flag.

On Winfrey's site, an article devoted to Wells incorporated a note from the Oprah Day to day innovative chief, Adam Glassman, who likewise knew the late cosmetics craftsman well.

Reggie Wells - Oprah Winfrey's former makeup artist - has passed away at 76  after a 'long illness' | Daily Mail Online

"Reggie was a colossal cosmetics craftsman. I was in stunningness when I initially met him — his work went before him and I realized I was within the sight of an inventive legend," Glassman said. "He truly could 'beat a face,' as he would agree, however he was likewise such a comic. On a photograph shoot, or behind the stage at The Oprah Winfrey Show, he'd keep spirits up and get the energy moving — and, kid, did he have extraordinary stories from his years working with the greats."

As per the site, Wells added to probably the most cherished The Oprah Magazine covers, for example, the very first May-June 2000 issue and the May 2010 tenth commemoration cover.

Wells' other ritzy customer base included Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Michelle Obama, Diahann Carroll and Halle Berry.

Wells went to Baltimore City School and Maryland Organization School of Craftsmanship and turned into a city workmanship educator, as per the Flag. During the 1970s, he moved to New York City, where he before long turned into an unmistakable name in the cosmetics business — he worked with Marvelousness, Harper's Market and Embodiment, where he did Winfrey's cosmetics for her cover, per The Hollywood Correspondent.

Working fundamentally with People of color, Wells was known to frequently make his own establishment and powder shades to match the complexions of his clients.

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In 1990, Winfrey recruited him as her full-time cosmetics craftsman, and they turned out to be dear companions from that point.

"What I gained from Oprah is the reason I'm doing this today," he said in a 2017 meeting for The Baltimore Sun. "I'm doing this for the neglected individuals of families. I'm taking obscure moms and grandmas and providing them with the kind of makeovers that Oprah would give.