Penelope Cruz Isnt Worried About Aging as She Gears Up for Her 50th Birthday: 'Its a Huge, Beautiful Thing'

Penélope Cruz is greeting her 50s wholeheartedly. On April 28, the Ferrari star, 49, will enter another 10 years of her life, however she told ELLE in her new main story that maturing isn't something she's stressed over at all.

"Since individuals have been getting some information about age since I was twentysomething," she told the power source, it was more "annoyed" about progressing in years in those days to concede she.

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"Presently it checks out, to examine turning 50. It's a tremendous, wonderful thing, and I truly need to commend that with every one of my companions. It implies I'm here and I'm sound, and it's motivation to host a get-together."

In any case, she's a piece careful with regards to discussing the subject when it doesn't consider fitting.

"However, when I was 25, they would pose me these crazy inquiries, things you might have a hard time believing, and the main weapon I would have was not to reply. Indeed, even now, on honorary pathway, when they yell to 'Pivot,' I generally imagine I didn't hear what they said."

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There's one more piece of Cruz's life that keeps a quality of security: her children.

Somewhere else in her meeting, Cruz made sense of that she's forever been committed to ensuring that if her kids — little girl Luna, 10, and child Leo, 12, the two of whom she imparts to Javier Bardem — at any point hope to step into the spotlight, it's individually and according to their very own preferences.

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It's for them to choose if they will have some work that is more presented to people in general or not. They can discuss that when they're prepared," she shared.

Also, she's firm in her choice to protect them from the computerized world.

Cruz conceded that she doesn't permit her two children to have telephones, making sense of, "It's so natural to be controlled, particularly assuming that you have a mind that is as yet framing."

"Furthermore, who addresses the cost? Not us, not our age, who, perhaps at 25, figured out how a BlackBerry worked," she proceeded. "It's a horrible investigation on youngsters, on teens."