Leighton Meesters Holiday Plans Wont Look Like an Episode of Gossip Girl

In the event that life was an episode of Tattle Young lady, our vacation plans would comprise of eating with loved ones (alienated or not) in our Upper East Side penthouse with a boujee, gourmet specialist arranged feast while wearing our best creator cashmere, Christian Louboutin booties, and German stockings (maybe gifted by one Throw Bass). Show could result and we'd all tempest away from the table to the tune of Jason Derulo's 2009 hit "Whatcha Say?"

In any case, life is certainly not a hit CW show — essentially for the vast majority of us (caps off to anybody celebrating in a luxurious New York City high rise). That well known (and presently popular) Thanksgiving scene isn't so much as a reality for Leighton Meester, who played UES society young lady Blair Waldorf. Meester tells InStyle she couldn't actually recall the storylines of those dearest occasion scenes.

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"I realize that we generally did those episodes and that those were large [days] where each cast part came in for the party scenes," she reviews. "The off-camera life of that show influenced me a great deal more."

This year, Meester will celebrate with her better half (individual mid-aughts star) Adam Brody and their two children in Los Angeles, where they'll go to the ocean side, broil marshmallows, and request Chinese food on Christmas Eve. While it's not your most regular Christmas schedule, Meester says that she and Brody really do integrate quintessential merry exercises like creating Do-It-Yourself decorations, baking, and opening presents. Yet, their little family is as yet dealing with cementing their own customs (all things considered, their children "haven't been alive long enough" to make any).

My family, we live in L.A., so we won't have a cold Christmas," she says. "My little girl [and I] prepare a great deal and attempt new things. It's really enjoyable to beautify gingerbread houses and treats. It's simply a comfortable, decent time with family that you get to slow down and unwind and be with one another."

Leighton Meester Interview

Obviously, St Nick will visit the Meester-Brody family. "Clearly, while St Nick's coming, that is the most interesting part," she says. "It's extremely difficult to hang tight for St Nick, so we do reviews of specific presents. We get pre-presents."

Notwithstanding the additional family time, the entertainer has a great deal to commend this season. Last month, Meester appeared EXmas, her new Christmas film on Amazon Freevee. Furthermore, dissimilar to her own healthy occasion plan, the new flick blends the appeal of a Trademark #1 with the show of Tattle Young lady.

The film follow's Meester's Ali, who chooses to enjoy Christmas with the group of her ex Graham (played by Robbie Amell), as she is convinced, possibly by mistake, that he won't be home for these special seasons. However, when Graham chooses to make the outing last moment, they're both stunned to see as one another under a similar rooftop. The angry exes devise an arrangement to boot the other out, and things (obviously) get muddled when old sentiments emerge.

Leighton Meester Interview

Many individuals can connect with the idea of expenditure the yuletide merriments with somebody who irritates them. It can make a regularly lively time substantially more distressing (at the end of the day, their presence is definitely not a present).

"It's a period that there is strain to appreciate, be blissful, and get to know each other, however that is the point at which a ton of tumult emerges and many feelings," Meester makes sense of. "When it's all said and done, everybody has various suppositions, various characters, and various idiosyncrasies. Clearly, your family can get to you in excess of a ton of others."

Being compelled to spend time with an ex isn't a reality for a great many people (thank heavens), yet the circumstance makes for satire gold. "That would be extremely off-kilter, however there's humor that conveys it," Meester says. "I had a solid sense of safety in depicting it, realizing that our disparities weren't undermining, and we could investigate them in a common manner."

With regards to staying close with a previous accomplice's family, Meester understands her personality. It's a peculiar idea to go from being infatuated with somebody to at absolutely no point ever addressing them or their family in the future. "Does that individual and their entire family simply pass on to you?" Meester considers. "You comprehend the reason why it's so brilliant to invest energy with them and why every one of the years together truly had an effect, and it's only hard to [say] bye."

Fortunately, Meester is joyfully hitched and doesn't need to stress over the intricacies of dating and separating over Christmas. According to perhaps, she, the entire family will try and wander up north for some skiing. Be that as it may, don't get it wound: in Blair Waldorf design, she's more energized for the après-ski style than the real game. "I've never gone skiing or snowboarding, and I believe I will attempt it," she says. "All in all, I realize that this isn't the main most significant thing, however I'm energized for a ski outfit.