Greatest Sneakers of the '80s

Some designs are timeless, and these comfortable trainers are unquestionably one of them.

Sneakers are back, due to the fashion industry’s recent preoccupation with the ‘80s. The most ubiquitous ‘80s footwear are making their way back into stores. The sought-after old school sneakers appear stylish, fashionable, and have a youthful aura that captures everyone’s attention. From strolling in the streets to attending music festivals, parties, and other social galas – sneakers are the finest shoes for any woman.

Sneakers are the legendary shoe design that became a huge part of counterculture and the rebellious lifestyle of the ’80s. They have multi-layered soles and appear in various colors and designs. Move away from conventional footwear and make space for these retro marvels! The ultimate homage to the 80s, all of these rare and limited edition footwear are drool-worthy. Check out these popular ‘80s footwear that can make you appear distinguished even today. Scroll down!

The Most Popular ‘80s Sneakers That You Need To Check Out

Any design that has ever been an eccentric favorite, is bound to make an explosive revival. Sneakers are such fashion items that have a similar appeal. They make for excellent casual wear, but can also be coupled with formal ensembles for a uniquely remarkable appearance.

Expert Fashion Stylist, Eleonora Fiano, offers us some insights into the revived sneaker fashion. She says, “In recent years, ‘80s-inspired sneakers have become quite popular in the fashion scene. These sneakers often feature flamboyant color schemes, bold patterns, and robust designs reminiscent of the subculture fashion of that era. Or, on the contrary, they can be completely white shoes, which are also very popular nowadays because they are fashionable and at the same time simple to coordinate with different looks. In addition, in recent years, the influence of many TV programs that have helped bring back many trends, including ‘80s footwear, has been very significant. Special mention certainly goes to the Netflix show “Stranger Things,” which introduced back to the market many sneaker designs that in those years could not be overlooked in the attire of adolescents and even adults.”

1. ‘80s Diadora Sneakers

The Diadora Borg Elite Trainer Returns In Gold To Its Spiritual Home - 80's  Casual Classics

This Italian footwear brand makes sneaker aficionados go limp in the knees. Everything about Diadora speaks of its vintage history. Diadora footwear are an acquired flavor. These Italian sneaker puppies will look exquisite with a pair of clean chinos and a roomy sweater.

2. Adidas Continental 80

As you may already know, Adidas is an all-time cult favorite sneaker brand that has breached all types of style boundaries. The Adidas Continental 80 footwear are affordable, elegant, and freakin’ famous. These footwear tell more about you and your sense of style than any other fashion apparel. Adidas Continental 80s can be worn with simple plaid trousers and colorful polo t-shirts. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wears them just right with her athletic attire.

3. Reebok Club C 85

The Reebok Club C 85 footwear are one of a kind for all your athletic and adventurous pursuits. These sneakers are classic pieces from the 80s era that have evolved into a favored must-have among many sneakerheads today. They are not exorbitant, suitably long-lasting, and can be used practically on adventure excursions for trekking, rock climbing, and running.

4. ‘80s Adidas High-Top Sneakers

Adidas is known to make an impact on the fashion world every time they introduce a new product. And what better way to do it than by bringing back their iconic pair of ‘80s sneakers? These footwear are possessed by every prominent fashion icon out there. Take one glance at any street style gallery, and you will discover a pair of exquisite Adidas high-top trainers gazing right back at you. All the way from Kate Moss in the 1980s to Victoria Beckham in 2019, these trainers are treasured by fashion icons far and wide.

5. ‘80s Balloon Sneakers

nuven shoe soles are made of discarded party balloons

It is no news that women in the fashion industry are turning to footwear for style and comfort. Gone are the days when women only donned high heels and stilettos. Compared to other sneakers, balloon sneakers have more of a feminine allure. The world-famous fashion apparel brand, Victoria’s Secret has also displayed a strong fondness for balloon footwear. They appear delicate, beautiful, and elegant.

6. ‘80s Kangaroo Sneakers

Kangaroo trainers are considered to be the finest off-duty pair of shoes. They are not too excess or noisy but, at the same time, turn heads and call for attention. Kangaroo footwear were all the fashion back in the ’80s. Of late, women in the modeling world, like Gigi Hadid, have begun donning these footwear and dammit, do we adore it!

7. Adidas Superstar Sneakers

The Adidas Superstar footwear are on everyone’s fashion radar these days. These shoes are popular in the fashion industry, and they sell like hotcakes. Many fashion pests rely on Adidas Superstar Sneakers to elevate their ensembles. They complete their ensemble with a fashionable and elegant flourish. This pair of footwear is undoubtedly a must-have for your fundamental street style ensembles.

Owen, a blogger, recounted his experience with Adidas trainers in the 1980s. He loved to wear white Adidas footwear with blue accents. In his blog, he stated, “By the mid-’80s I’d adopted Adidas since that was the first sort of ‘trainer’ I was familiar with and the design was nice and simple (i).”

8. ‘80s White Sneakers

The white sneaker trend is not going anywhere any time soon. From bloggers to college students to fashion icons, everyone swears by white sneakers. They go with literally all your ensembles. You can combine them with crop tops and shorts, floral dresses, kimonos, dungarees, torn denim, and everything under the sun. They appear utterly magnificent and are usually incredibly comfortable. White sneakers are a secure choice when you feel like adhering to the fundamentals but still want to make a fashion statement.

9. ‘80s Punky Brewster Sneakers

ACTUAL Punky Brewster Shoes . 1984 Rainbow High Top Chucks | Etsy | Punky  brewster, Punky, High top chucks

Not many people swear by these footwear donned by the ‘80s TV show character, Punky Brewster. They may appear strange, but they are very useful. Some select for this pair of footwear for working out while others don them to conduct duties. They not only make a fashion statement but are also excellent for your everyday duties.

10. Nike Air Force One

Designed by Bruce Kilgore and introduced in 1982, The Nike Air Force One is one of the most renowned models produced by the brand. This iconic sneaker has a basic, streamlined design that is a must-have for a sneakerhead. Pair these elegant shoes with trousers and a plain or graphic T-shirt for a casual stylish appearance.